Family Nights at NAM - where there's something for everyone!  
Family Nights for 2017 are underway on Sunday evenings beginning at 5pm.   


What are Family Nights?
    At 5:00pm, Children ages 3-12 are invited to Easter Musical choir rehearsal!  Parents gather in a small group for fun fellowship and inspirational biblical discussion!  Middle and High school youth are invited to participate in Lifeline youth group!  
Dinner is served at 6:00pm in the cafe.  The entree is provided, just bring a side dish or dessert.  Family Nights are a great way to meet other families in the church as well as get our hearts and minds prepared for the week ahead as individuals and as a family.  Come and be inspired through connection to God and God's people.  

5:00pm:  Choir rehearsal will begin and the adults can gather for small group.  
5:00pm:  Youth, grades 6-12 are invited to join Pastor Jean for LifeLine programming. 
6:00pm:  Dinner is served.  Children will be picked up from choir rehearsal and all are invited to stay for dinner.  
7:00pm:  Lifeline youth is finished.