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Lenten Study Series: Creed. What Christians Believe and Why

Lent offers us 40 days to prepare and to reflect on this journey of Jesus’. A journey of life, love, mission and sacrifice. Join us as we dive into the Apostle’s Creed and discover what Christians believe and why we believe it! This study will challenge you to not just assent to the words in this creed, but to instead embrace what it means to believe and how it can change the way you see the world. Come and join in one of these groups to learn and grow your faith. Books can be purchased for $15 at church or electronic books can be downloaded online.
Check out Creed here.

The groups:

Sunday 5:00pm: This group is a part of our Family Nights program. (Running from 2/5-3/12)

Beginning the week of March 1:

Saturday 8:00am beginning March 4…all are invited.

Sunday 7:00pm beginning March 5…all are invited.

Tuesday 1:30pm beginning March 7…all are invited.

Please contact Keri Schmidt if you have any questions.