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Daily Devotions
Spending Time Daily with God is one of the 6 Great Ideas we teach at New Albany Methodist. These God-focused moments in your day can be achieved in many different ways and here are just a few:
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Facebook Reflection Group
Click on the Facebook icon above and add us as a friend. Send a message that you would like to join the FB Reflection Group and you will be added. This group is a closed group that will receive a reflection at the beginning of the week and encouraged to reflect in comments.
Sermon Podcasts
You never have to miss out on a Sunday sermon. Those nuggets of wisdom, those kernels of truth, those life enhancing Ah-Ha moments can all be found here. Click on “Sermons” on the left and choose a sermon from our most recent sermons series.
We believe that God listens, hears, and answers our prayers. So, we have an active prayer ministry here. If you would like to be remembered in prayer during a difficult time, please let us know. You can choose to keep your prayer private and only pastoral staff will be notified. To list a name in our church bulletin, please email your request to the church secretary.