Sunday Morning for Kids and Youth
K’Motion! Children’s Worship
K’Motion! A Worship Experience for Children
At New Albany Methodist, we believe that children are the future of our faith. We make special efforts to welcome, love, and teach children that God loves them unconditionally.

Children ages 3 and under are invited to join you in the worship service or are welcome to stay in our nursery during the worship hour.

Children ages 3 and over are invited to attend K’Motion, a worship experience designed for kids. The children will sing songs, learn about their loving God, and will create something beautiful related to the biblical lesson. Please check your child(ren) in before each worship service and pick them up in after. If you have any questions about K’Motion, please contact our Children’s Pastor Amy Wood.

The 11th Hour – Sunday Mornings for Youth grades 6-12,
Teens are invited to attend any service that is convenient for them and their families. During the 11:00 worship hour, Youth Pastor Jean Schafer, leads The 11th Hour, a small group for teens. You never quite know what will happen in Sunday Morning Group, except it will be God centered and great fun! For more information, please contact Pastor Jean Schafer