Grief Outreach Ministry and Support Services

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up .”

~1 Thessalonians 5:11 

“We will walk with you…”

New Albany United Methodist’s Grief Outreach Ministry and Support Services are designed to encourage and support the grieving process and the healing of the hearts of members of our church, their families and friends as well as members of our community who experience the loss of family loved ones, as well as the loss of health or abilities.

Our team of pastors and volunteers offers support through a number of outreach services .

To contact us, please call 614-855-1403
or email

Pastoral Prayer and Counseling

We welcome the opportunity to be in prayer with you as you face difficult points in your life. If you are struggling with the loss of health, the death of a loved one, addiction or other life challenges please submit a prayer request or contact us.

Funeral Planning and Services

Our church works directly with families and their selected funeral company or crematorium to provide both funeral and memorial services. These services give families an opportunity to express their grief, celebrate the life of the deceased and affirm their faith. They can take place at the church, funeral home, family home, cemetery chapel or gravesite.

 Remembering Loved Ones

Our Memorial Garden was established to remember persons no longer with us and who rest in the sure and certain hope of resurrection into eternal life.  The Memorial Garden is designed to be a place of beauty, inspiration, and encouragement. We intend for it to provide a peaceful and tranquil place for contemplative thought and prayer. 

Our church members also have an opportunity to arrange a memorial planting in the garden to honor a loved one. Individuals can also purchase an engraved memorial brick which will be placed in the garden. Our garden has a lovely gazebo that is always open or can be reserved for a small private gathering for celebrating life and faith .

Memorial and Legacy Gifts are a meaningful way to honor a loved one. Please contact us directly to help you consider the gift method that will best meet your intentions for remembrance. Memorial gifts can be sent directly to the church office with a note or designation by name of the one being remembered.

 Grief Support

While the death of a loved one is often what brings a person to seek support it is important to think broader and remember that we grieve many types of losses that occur in our lives – divorce, moving, job loss, financial instability. There are over 40 types of loss, including the many experienced in the pandemic. We generally accumulate the weight of these losses till they feel unbearable to continue to carry.

Grief Recovery Method uses The educational handbook and evidence-based process developed by the Grief Recovery Institute. In person and on line 1:1 and group workshops are offered throughout the year. Contact us for a current schedule.

Helping Children with Loss is an educational program offered to adults in a group format. We think of it as a first aid class for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches – anyone who lives or works regularly with children so you can be prepared to recognize grief in children and be prepared to help them process sadness, disappointment, and loss.

Special Worship Services throughout the year, such as our “Longest Night” service at Christmas, help us to remember and recognize loved ones we have lost.

Are you or someone you are with in crisis?

Are they experiencing thoughts of hurting or killing themself?

If so, call  1-800-273-8255 or

Text 741741

for emergency support.